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What is an AFES Ministry Apprenticeship?

An AFES Ministry Apprenticeship, in partnership with MTS, is (typically) two years of  hands-on practical training, centred on the prayerful proclamation of the gospel. It is designed to give the Apprentice an opportunity to ‘live the life’ of a full-time gospel- worker, in close relationship with a godly and experienced ministry trainer. Indeed it’s that relationship which is key to the apprenticeship. As trainer and apprentice do life and ministry together, convictions and character are modelled, observed and imitated. And, shaped by those convictions and character, ministry skills are taught and tested, not merely in theory, but in the actual, practical prayerful proclamation of the gospel.

AFES Ministry Apprentices, in partnership wth MTS, are then trained in character, conviction and competence using the MTS approved and FairWork Australia accredited AFES Apprentice Training Syllabus.

AFES Value 4 –
Training by Modelling

AFES values every activity in our mission as an opportunity to train others through modelling godly character, convictions and competency, particularly through apprenticeships.

"What I loved most about my ministry training with AFES was the opportunity to try, fail, and try again at different ministries, again and again. Through countless conversations and reflections with my trainer, I was able to sharpen and hone my ministry skills and convictions. As someone serving in overseas missions, I’m surrounded by a theologically and culturally diverse team. In this setting, I’m grateful to be able to rely on the ministry toolkit which was forged during my time as an apprentice. "

Jahjah Chou

Serving Jesus with international students in Minsk, Belarus

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