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Why train with AFES?

AFES Apprenticeships offer a wonderful context to be:

TESTED for future prayerful, practical mission and ministry,

TRAINED in the convictions, character and competencies required for that ministry, and

TRANSFORMED in Christ-likeness as you serve Him for His glory.

AFES has a rich history of raising and training gospel workers for the world. 

And this not merely in and for University gospel work but in the foundational character, convictions and competencies required for every kind of gospel work - whether in churches, on the mission-field, in work-places, in communities, in families and more. 

University Ministry offers abundant and excellent opportunities for training.  

As thousands of local and international students gather for University, there are daily opportunities to serve with those students as they prayerfully proclaim the gospel and equip others to do the same.
In this strategic context, you'll have the opportunity to be sharpened in your theology as you study the Bible deeply with students.  You will grow in your godliness as you share life, under God, with the students you care for.  And you’ll be given the chance to ‘have a go’ at a range of different ministries from leadership, to teamwork, pastoral-care, cross-cultural-ministry and more - and all with real responsibility and the personal support of your AFES ministry trainer. 

AFES Value 8 –
Commitment to Christ's Global Mission 

AFES is committed to raising up and sending disciple-making disciples for global mission in partnership with local churches and mission agencies.

"As a wife and mum, as someone who has served overseas in mission and currently in a missions ministry role, my AFES apprenticeship equipped me to see how God could use me in full-time ministry... But also that he doesn't have to.  I loved being able to spend time laughing, reading Scripture, praying, suffering, crying, asking questions of God, appreciating salvation and enjoying people God brought into my world.  These are all things I still do, with my husband and children and with others, and I hope I do them better because of the equipping I had been given through my apprenticeship."


Serving Jesus in Cross-Cultural Mission, in her church and as a wife and mum

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